Tracking Campaign’s performance

What are requirements to create a Campaign?

To create a Campaign, you need to Sign up at Walee. To Publish your Campaign Opportunities, you must have a Verified Business Profile at Walee and minimum PKR 10,000 balance in your Walee Pocket Pocket

If we don’t have any website how do we create a Campaign?

Currently, we cannot service Businesses who have not yet set-up a website.

How can I track an Influencer’s individual performance?

To track an Influencer’s performance, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Campaign Opportunities icon

  2. Click vd button on Campaign’s List Page

  3. Click ci button

  4. Click on active button to view the Campaign’s active applicants list. You can click the applicant name to view his/her performance on the Campaign, tracked by Clicks, Add to Cart(s) and Sales already completed during the Campaign

  5. You can view the graphical representation of Clicks, Add to Carts and Sales by clicking on any of these performance factors

How I can track overall Campaign performance?

To track and view your Campaign’s Opportunities performance

  1. Click on Campaign Opportunities icon

  2. Click vd button for the selected Campaign

  3. Scroll down to view the Campaign Performance Graph from where you can view your Campaign’s performance

What are the packages you offer for promotions?

We provide three types of packages on the base of the number of Influencers

  • 50 Influencers Min. Topup PKR 10,000

  • 100 Influencers Min. Topup PKR 20,000

  • 200 Influencers Min. Topup PKR 30,000

If we run Campaign for a period assigned by you and our whole budget does not consume, what happens to the remaining balance amount?

If your assigned Campaign Opportunities period is going to end, and your budget is not fully consumed, you can increase your Campaign’s Duration or you can request for Cash out. To increase your Campaign Duration or requesting a Cash out, contact Walee Business Services Team at