Influencer Insight Report

Influencer discovery to help identify the best influencers to match brand identities/campaigns. The analysis will help your brand in optimizing ‘influencer’ marketing campaigns. The influencer’s instagram posts are tagged against data points & analysing performance details e.g., Engagement Rate, Influencer Quality Score.


The complete engagement analysis of the influencer. It provides avg engagement rate (ER) of the influencer based on likes, comments and views.


The overview provides complete profile analysis of the influencer. The analysis is done based on the category and influencer quality score (IQS).

  1. IQS: The influencer quality score is based on the no of followers, avg ER on posts, and quality audience an influencer has. The benchmark for best IQS >50%. <50% is below average.
  2. ER: Percentage of followers who are engaged with the influencers posts or contents.
  3. Avg ER: Average ER of an influencer is calculated by the no of likes and comments on multiple posts of an influencer

Travel & Locations

The analysis of influencer’s content based on tagged locations and travelled places.


The audience breakdown from the influencer’s profile based on the demographics, countries, and interests, etc.


The analysis of influencer’s content based on content type, sentiment, expressions, and gender diversity.

Content Factor

The influencer’s content analysed with clothing style, food and drinks, technology, shopping references, topic of political and social issues, hobbies,entertainment, and sports.

Time & Events

The influencer’s content analysed for posting the content on weekdays, public and life events. Based on GMT. ER & Frequency, Calendars.

Similar Accounts

The similar accounts suggested based on the current influencer’s category and followers.