About Walee

What’s Walee?

Walee is an everyday trade platform that provides a marketplace (Application) where registered Businesses (Business) can seek, connect and collaborate with registered Influencers or Affiliates (referred to as Influencers) (all collectively known as “users”) to promote or sell their products and services in return for compensation

What’s the difference between Walee Technologies Pvt Ltd. (IOP) and Walee?

Walee Technologies Pvt Ltd. is the community of Influencers in Pakistan. Walee refers to the app from where Influencers can easily keep updated and manage Opportunities Opportunities, activities, Pocket Pocket and events.

How Can I promote my business on Walee?

You can promote your Business by creating a Campaign Opportunities on Walee and publishing it for Influencers.

Walee platform is for what type of businesses?

Walee can support all kinds of Businesses, from SMEs to corporates. Those Businesses should be ‘mass marketing’ ready, which means they should be able to support sale made through digital. For example, have sufficient stock, process and deliver orders and manage any returns.

Walee is only for businesses based in Pakistan?

Walee can support Businesses serving the Pakistan market and require Influencers based in Pakistan.

Where can I download the Walee app from?

By downloading the Walee app, you can easily keep updated and manage Opportunities Opportunities, your Pocket Pocket and events. The app will notify you of anything that needs your immediate attention, like being awarded an opportunity.

Why install the Walee app?

Use your Walee app to easily manage your Campaigns Opportunities and be notified of important account activities that may need immediate attention, such as successful Pocket |Pocket| Topups or any successful sales.

What type of influencers do Walee have?

We have tens of thousands of Influencers in more than 20 plus niches and all major social channels. Examples:

  • Bloggers and Vloggers
  • Social Media Sensations
  • Reality TV Stars
  • Micro- and nano-onfluencers
  • Activists
  • Journalists
  • Photographers
  • Thought Leaders
  • Celebrities

Do you deal with international influencers also?

Yes, Influencers from any country can Sgn up at Walee platform

Do you have all the famous influencers?

Yes, we have registered Influencers having more than one million followers