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Why am I being asked to verify my email address for Sign Up?

We need to ensure you’ve entered a correct Email Address so that we can contact you at a valid number.

What’s Proof of ID mentioned during the Sign Up process?

Proof of ID is a document from which we can identify that your Business is authentic. it can be NTN certificate, any certificate by SECP or other national department.

I don’t have any Proof of ID for my business to sign up, what should I do?

You can upload your personal CNIC or any other personal identification document which proves your identification

Why am I being asked for Proof of ID for Sign Up?

You are asked to provide your Proof of ID to keep your account safe and free from identity theft.

What are the different account types on Walee?

We have two types of accounts on Walee: Business and Influencer.

  1. Influencers - they earn by promoting and selling Businesses’ products, services, or messages to their followers and network, including family and friends,

  2. Businesses - they promote or sell their products and services by creating and running Campaigns Opportunities, using Influencer collaborations

Can I Sign Up using my Facebook or Gmail accounts?

Yes, you can Sign up using your Facebook or Gmail account.

Do I need two different profiles - one for web account and Walee app?

You only need to Sign up for one Business account. Your Email Address and Password will be the same for both your app and to access the mobile website.