What payment options are available to Topup?

Walee currently support about 30 banking and payment vendors. See full list here

How can I review my Transaction History?

To view your Transaction History:

  1. Click on Pocket Pocket icon at the bottom of your navigation bar to access your Pocket screen
  2. Click on the th button for all your transaction to be displayed
  3. To search for a specific transaction, enter a valid Transaction ID in a search box named with Tx ID

What’s the minimum Balance needed to Publish a Campaign?

You need a minimum Walee Pocket Balance of PKR 10,000 to Publish your Campaign Opportunities.

Will I be charged any fees for transferring funds form my bank account to my Walee Pocket?

Typically, there is a minimal charge for funds transfers and varies according to your bank and payment provider. For now, we are offering these services for FREE, though other bank charges may apply.